Ecommerce Campaign 2020

About Campaign:

Now you can get your own E-commerce/online store in just Rs. 7,999 and start selling your products/services. We will provide you with a complete e-commerce store which will fulfill all the essential requirements needed for you to start selling and start earning.

We want to provide business owners with the opportunity that even when faced with the pandemic and while living in quarantine, they are still able to provide goods and services to their customers and maintain their relationship with them. This will specially help the businesses to add a digital platform to their already existing infrastructure and enable them to reach out to more customers.This is a great opportunity for not just business owners, but also for people who want to start their new ventures and have been waiting to, there can never be a better time than now when customers are looking for ways to get as much goods and services as they can through online, contactless means. 

Our aim here is to empower businesses by providing them the best opportunities in these hard times, so that together we can help our nation grow digitally and economically.

Ecommerce Campaign 2020

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Terms & Conditions:

  • One month of free hosting will be provided by Wayout Lab.
  • Free themes and plugins will be used.
  • Domain will be provided by the client.
  • Client will provide content, logo and any other artwork.
  • Payment gateway integration and data entry will not be covered in this cost.


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